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WeFunder: Emergency funding for your business during the coronavirus crisis


The Crisis

Based on the latest research, it is likely that cities across America will be in periodic lockdown over the next 18 months, until a vaccine is in mass production. Local businesses will be hit hard.

How Wefunder can help

Wefunder has funded ~$130M in hundreds of small businesses from over 400,000 investors. If your business has customers who care, they can help. Or, if there’s a small business you care about, nominate them for funding.

In March, as the stock market has fallen, investments 2Xed on Wefunder. People want to support the businesses they care about. Wefunder allows everyone to make investments (or loans) as small as $100 into the businesses that they love.

Typically, half of the funds come from your own customer base, with the other half from the Wefunder investor-base. They do all the work of collecting funds and send you one wire when it's over.


WeFunder supports any investment contract, whether equity or debt.

However, for this crisis, they've designed a revenue share agreement that is very small business-friendly. In these hard times, they expect customers will support businesses they care about with flexible repayment.


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