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Shea Moisture Fund - $1M Community Commerce

Source: Shea Moisture Fund

Supporting Small Minority & Women of Color Businesses

SheaMoisture announced, under its long-established Community Commerce business model, a $1 Million Fund to support entrepreneurs of color and small businesses. The grant intends to show the power of small/black-owned businesses to help communities, while also hoping to minimize the financial disruptions that many are experiencing from the current global crisis.​  This is one of the largest corporate announcements of funds solely supporting minority and women of color business owners.

"We know that now, more than ever, corporate social impact can be instrumental in community success. With the announcement of the Fund, we welcome the opportunity to work with partners and influencers as we launch a series of planned initiatives that we have begun to roll out. We likewise extend our support to any initiatives that you or your networks are currently executing during this time."

Opportunities for Funding

With SheaMoisture's $1Million Fund, small minority and women of color-owned businesses will be able to apply for funding under different initiatives. This list will continue to be updated as opportunities are available.

To learn more, click on the opportunity below.

  • $100,000 Unsung Businesses If your business is assisting communities through COVID-19 and need funding to stay operational, click here to learn more about receiving a $10,000 business award.

  • Black Business Relief Fund in partnership with 'We Buy Black' If you are a Black-owned business and at-risk of losing your business due to hardships to provide for yourself or your employees at this time, click here for more info on the relief fund.

  • Women of Color Entrepreneur E-Lab We've established an e-learning hub for women of color who are looking to minimize financial disruptions and learn how to create a business recovery plan. Participants in the eLab will be eligible for funding of their recovery plan upon completion of required coursework.

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