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Newark Airport Food/Beverage Business Opportunity

If you are a food, beverage or retail business you want to be included in this business opportunity. Currently, The Port Authority of NY & NJ is constructing Terminal One, a new terminal at Newark Liberty International Airport. With this project, they are in the process identifying local businesses who would be interested in a concession opportunity in the terminal.

In order to receive information about the concessionaire program you must send an email to with the information below.

  1. Full contact details (Name, Company Name, Email and Phone Number)

  2. Description of your type of Business, brands you are using, assortment, etc.

  3. Definition of space requirements

  4. Previous Experience of operating a similar business than the one you are proposing for EWR Terminal One

The Operators of the new terminal, EWR Terminal One LLC (and referred to as Munich), will confirm receipt of your email and your business will be included in our database to receive all and any information relating to Terminal One’s concessionaire program.  

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity. If you have any questions send an email to Sybil Bost at

Please share with other interested business owners.

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