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Gov. Murphy Announces Changes for New Jersey Child Care Centers

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Updated:  3/25/2020

Source:  NJ COVID-19 Information Hub (see original link below)

All child care centers in New Jersey that wish to continue operating must certify that they will solely serve the children of essential workers. The deadline to certify is Friday, March 27.

Beginning Wednesday, April 1, only child care centers that exclusively serve the children of essential workers will be allowed to remain open.

Child care centers that remain open must abide by new health and safety guidelines which will be released by the Department of Children and Families.

Again - if you are a child care center that wishes to remain open beyond April 1, you must certify that you can and will exclusively serve the children of essential workers by Friday, March 27.

If there are gaps in child care availability, the director of the Office of Emergency Management will direct coordination to identify schools that can serve as emergency child care centers for the children of essential workers, up to grade 8.

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