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How to Return an EIDL Loan to the SBA


If for any reason you wish to return your EIDL loan to the SBA then you need to follow these steps below. The return is basically a repayment of the full amount* of the EIDL Loan to the SBA.

*NOTE: Interest accrues daily.  Some EIDL loans may have also incurred a $100 UCC filing fee. Borrowers are responsible for all accrued interest as well as the $100 fee. To ensure you pay off the full amount owed (or partial amount), including interest and fees, please contact your Loan Officer (or a Tier 2 representative) and request a payoff amount prior to submitting payment.

  • Make a check payable to “SBA.” Include three (3) things on the memo line:

    1. Write “EIDL Return”

    2. Write the 10-digit EIDL application number

    3. Write the Business Name OR Borrower’s Name OR Tax ID number

  • Mail the check to:

Small Business Administration (SBA)

721 19th St.

Denver, CO 80202

Call the SBA Disaster Assistance Customer Service if you need assistance at

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