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Hello Alice: COVID-19 Business Resource Center

Hello Alice launched their COVID-19 Business Resource Center, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and hundreds of entrepreneur networks and government agencies in April of 2020.

Though we've progressed through several stages in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business resources are still available in the Business Resource Center provided by Hello Alice.

Founders/Business owners are encouraged to visit to apply for an emergency grant, access financial aid, search national, state, and local government programs, learn how to operate a remote team and migrate business from offline to online, receive anxiety and mental health resources, connect with a supportive community, and more.

Hello Alice has funding opportunities and resources based on industries:

  • Food & Beverage

  • Beauty & Wellness

  • Retail

  • Wholesale & Manufacturing

  • Professional Services

  • Arts & Entertainment

  • Restaurant & Food Services

  • Construction

  • Technology

  • Other

The Business Resource Center also has opportunities based on additional demographics, including:

  • Women Business Owners

  • Black-owned Businesses

  • Hispanic Business Owners

  • Military-Connected Entrepreneurs

About Hello Alice: Hello Alice is a free, multichannel platform that helps businesses launch and grow. With a community of more than 150,000 business owners in all 50 states and across the globe, Hello Alice is building the largest network of owners in the country, while tracking data and trends to increase the success rate for entrepreneurs. Our partners include enterprise business services, government agencies, and institutions looking to serve small and medium-sized businesses to ensure increased revenues and promote scale. Co-headquartered in Houston and San Francisco, and founded by Carolyn Rodz and Elizabeth Gore, we believe in Business for All by providing access to all owners including women, people of color, military-connected owners, the LGBTQ+ community, entrepreneurs with disabilities, and everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.



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