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Additional Employee Resources

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Google Tools and Tips

Google’s help center has suggestions for businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, regarding updates to their business information on Google My Business, including:

  • Changing your business hours if necessary;

    • Adding information about how your business has been affected and what steps you’re taking;

    • Creating a post;

    • Updating your phone number if necessary;

    • To see all of Google’s update suggestions, click here.

Working Remotely?

We encourage you to visit the New Jersey Department of Labor’s website to keep abreast of statewide developments that can directly affect your business and your employees.

But it’s very likely that your business may be forced to work remotely. To assist you in conducting business virtually, we have compiled a list of vendors. We do not endorse one vendor over another but simply provide you with a comprehensive list.

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